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Ricky Hickey has been apart of the Midland-Odessa community for over three decades. He has entrusted all three of his businesses (Old Miner’s Maze, Main Event Sports On Air and Let Us Dump It) to Design Factory Marketing for full reign of artistic creativity, management and vision. Ricky states, “Within 10 years, I have made millions of dollars based off of Design Factory’s banners and wrap marketing alone. I still have people stop me at traffic lights to take pictures of my vehicle wraps.” Ricky has a passion for helping other small businesses reach their full potential and correlates his success with Design Factory’s key formula for business growth.

Ricky would like to formally introduce the mastermind behind the creativity at Design Factory Marketing, Erin Davis. After their first project over a decade ago, Ricky quickly realized Erin understood his vision and desire for business growth. Every year, Ricky counts on Erin to produce a fresh brand message and strategy to plan his success for the year to come.

Erin and her team at a Design Factory are excited to connect with Midland’s up and coming entrepreneurs.

Check out what Design Factory has to offer below!


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